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Ibra is back to the EPL soon!

Zlatan impressive return to the EPL

Zlatan’s goal is to play at least one Champions League group stage game this year. In fact, he may have such a chance. Manchester United will play at home against CSKA Moscow on December, 5. The Red Devils will have certainly solved the problem of reaching the playoffs by this time. They won’t need to play on a maximum this game. So the match will be an ideal way of Ibrahimović’s return.

Back to trainings

It seemed the terrible injury put the end of his football career six months ago. However, Zlatan is not so easy to crack down! He went on the recovery procedures right after the surgery. And he can already train with his teammates. However, Zlatan is not allowed to take contact trainings yet. He constantly attends training sessions during the national team matches intervals. The footballer did 15-20 minutes exercises, which facilitated and accelerated his return.
“Tell José I’m coming!” – wrote Ibra at his Instagram, and attached a video as an evidence.
His return is controlled and directed by the physiotherapist Dario Fort. Zlatan worked in PSG with him and restored after the injury received earlier this year with him as well.

Daria Fort would set up Ibra on the right tune

Fort has developed a whole exercises’ set for his beloved patient’s rehabilitation. They include, for example, “medicine balls” exercises, training on simulators with weights, special sessions in the pool. Well, and active exercises on the treadmill. All it should get us a wonderful player back in the field in the shortest possible time.
Ibrahimovic said he would try to return before the New Year even when the timing of his return could only be estimated hypothetically. Assuming this opportunity, José Mourinho included him in the first team for both the England championship and the Champions  League. The recovery schedule allows us to hope that this plan will be implemented. And the date December, 5 does not at all seem fantastic. We might see Zlatan in the match against CSKA Moscow. By the way, it will take place between the two most important Premier League games: with Arsenal and Manchester City.

No stress and simultaneous return to its best performance

Mourinho said Ibra should recreate himself calmly, without tension. The team doesn’t need his return at all costs now as they have no problems in the attack. Romelu Lukaku has an amazing form and supplied the United with excellent attacking results.
The former team’s forward Andy Cole was in the training center next to Ibrahimovic one day. Cole concluded the Swede was in a good shape.
“He was terrific last season. His return will be a wonderful addition to the current team. I know Zlatan trains hard in the gym. After talking with him, I realized his aim was to come back in December, in January at the latest. It may seem difficult, but he repeated several times he was not a human. So it means he is more powerful than all of us.”

Zlatan should struggle before the next fight with a Red Devil

Zlatan placed in Instagram a picture as if to prove his super abilities. He does an arm-wrestling in the image of God with the red devil, a symbol of MU.
The day of his return is approaching. You remember, Zlatan asked to warn everybody he was coming!

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