Toni Kroos has shared his point of view about match against Wolfsburg 4gamblersclub

Toni Kroos: ” It is necessary to show what we are made of in the game with Wolfsburg”.

The halfback of Real Toni Kroos has shared his point of view about the upcoming second leg against Wolfsburg.

“I hope, fans will demonstrate their support at full scale. I am sure, it will be like that. We hope, our own backyard can give us a good advantage. We vitally need that atmosphere of great support which is created by our fans. We will place all our drive and value for the sake of them. I hope, “Real” will have an opportunity to qualify to the next round.

It is important for us to score a quick goal. We should definitely avoid a clean sheet by the end of the first half. No doubt, “Real” should play attacking football, but at the same time it is necessary to be smart. It is unacceptable to lose focus in the game. If it happens, “Wolfsburg” will be able to score on their counterattacks.

It is very important to show a good game on Tuesday. It is necessary to be a solid and consolidated team. We have to pull out all the stops.

In my opinion, “Wolfsburg” has many dangerous football players. This team doesn’t depend on a single player. Draxler is good, of course, but we used to be familiar with that. It is important that we build our defense as a united team. We shouldn’t discuss every single Wolfsburg’s footballer, who is stronger or weaker, we are to be stronger as a team. In other words, we have to show what we are made of”, – the German noted.

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