Another romance of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lexy Panterra. On

Ronaldo remains in the center of attention of all petty intrigues

Another romance of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lexy Panterra

This time selfish journalists has peeped into the subscribers of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram. What was a joy of fans who are fond of details about the football star and his amorous adventures.  They found out the subscribers the Portuguese performer. There were found a twerk dancer, the most famous in the world, – Lexy Panterra.

It is noteworthy the Twerk is the type of dance where buttocks, hips and a stomach is actively used. The other parts of a body are almost motionless at the same time. She is a beautiful girl and the most popular and successful performer of this type of dance nowadays.

It is enough to say her Instagram page features more than 1,5 million followers.

Ronaldo is currently among them that means the Portuguese is apparantly wants something bigger, than regular correspondence, but it is still not clear.  Cris was reported recently to have the relations with hot ex-Ms. of Spain – Désiré Cordero.


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