Ronaldo or Messi, who is better?

Always struggle who is the best player in Europe: Ronaldo or Messi

Who’s better: Ronaldo or Messi

The opposition between  Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the field, and behind it lasts around 5-7 years. Fans continue to discuss and argue who is the best? How it is possible to compare them after such a fabulous season of the Portuguese playmaker in general? Cris ranted and raved without thinking to stop. When even his team lost chances to get a champion’s title, any trophies in the season, he moved towards his target – and hit it.

Genius Ronaldo

We don’t speak about the team’s progress, and about geniuses. To be more correct – about the genius. Ronaldo – the top scorer of La Liga. Cristiano has scored 48 goals in 35 games in La Liga season 2014-2015, i.e. 1,37 balls for a game. Four doubles, six hat tricks, a poker and  a penta-trick. It is still not clear where was found the necessary area for the space rocket in Madrid that transferred Cristiano to the Earth. Messi played 3 matches more, but scored only 43 goals. Ronaldo – 35 goals in 36 games in the Spanish league, 16  – in Euro cups, 1 – in a friendly match, resulting to 52 goals in 53 games. He won 3 European cups – the Champions League, the Super Champions League, Euro 2016 with several injuries for the season. Barcelona with a cool understanding that Ronaldo intends to become the top scorer, decided to pull vigorously Suarez. Luis abruptly started  to score the second-class teams in league by 5 balls for a match, and collected 40 goals by the end of the season. But Leo never shot more than 3. Let the Argentinean ask Cris how he scores everything when Ronaldo gets “Ballon d’Or” in January 2017.


Who scored 500 goals first?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 500 and 501st goal for his career in a match of the Champions League against Malmo. Real declared the Portuguese with 324 goals in 308 games became the top scorer of the club. He left behind  Raul with 323 goals in 741 games. Messi needed much more time to reach the same results. It  finally happened in a game against Valencia (1:2)on April 17, 2016. It was the 500th goal in the career and the 450th for the club. The Argentinean had to play 632 official matches to hit the target (525 — for Barcelona and 107 — for Argentina national team respectively). But Messi scored the last time before that record 1.5 months ago. Messi haven’t scored for about 900 game minutes, without even making a single  assist. They thought he would never score a single goal.

Ronaldo is a better header

There is some reason for calling Messi a dwarf. The guy with 170 cm height has scored 5 goals with a head in an empty net. How he can even be compared to the results of Cris(12 headers)? Ronaldo jumps on 90 centimeters in height – much higher, than the average basketball NBA player (72 centimeters; the record belongs to Michael Jordan – 122 cm). Cris doesn’t jump – he flies. And he acts with a head so sharp leaving no chance for the goalkeepers.


Ronaldo looks more attractive than Messi in the air duels. He has won 55,66% of the them this season, Messi – only 26,67%. And now we would like to draw all attention how they scored. Ronaldo had 10,42% of the headers – out of the penalty area, Leo –  9,3%. But the term “out of the penalty area” strongly differ between Messi and Ronaldo.

Bombardier competition

Ronaldo has made the bigger number of shots than Messi for a bombardier victory – 225 against 187. The Portuguese shot also from the penalty area (134-128) more often, and out of its borders (91-59). Leo is cool in dribbling, it is true. Though even Almeria and Getafe sometimes do not allow him to pull the ball into the goal.

Numerous goals from standards speak about the Ronaldo’s accuracy of shooting as well. Ronaldo has scored 14 times with free and penalty kicks in La Liga, Leo – only 10. When the person can shoot like that, the goalkeeper and defense lose any sense.

Hot pursuit for golden balls (“Ballon d’Or”)

Antoine Griezmann has already stated: the owner of “Ballon d’Or”-2016 is known, everybody should already relax. Cristiano has won the European League and taken the Cup of champions. If Payet couldn’t kick out Ronaldo till December, there definitely wouldn’t leave any intrigue.

And if the ligament injury were even more serious, than the doctors told initially, there wouldn’t be anyway someone decent in fight for the main trophy. The new season has started with  a victory in a match for the Super Cup of Europe (Cristiano missed it), and the club world championship with participation of Real will be held later than respondents from all over the world start voting for the Ballon d’Or nominees.


Messi has no counterargument

The counter is going to be shifted once again. The lagging behind will be shortened up: Messi still will have 5  “Ballon d’Or”, but Ronaldo – 4. But it is not so important as the fight between the football idols mutated for a long time. There is no answer now to the main question: who is better? Leo has more victories in La Liga and “Ballon d’Or”. Cristiano won a Golden Boot more often, scored more in the Champions League, earned more money (according to Forbes). He also won the Champions League with two different clubs, the whole 3 cups as a part of Real for one season – the Champions League, the Super Cup of Champions League, Euro 2016. Messi has no counterargument on the last point. Nobody knows his performance out of Barcelona. Though there is a certain fact not in his favor – he ended up in smoke in the Copa America final with the Argentina national team twice. Afterwards he left the national team for 3 months, then he begged as a girl to return back.

Ronaldo is the richest

Cristiano Ronaldo’s income in 2016 – 88 million USD, the highest paid athlete in the world. Lionel Messi’s income in 2016 – 81,5 million USD, according to Forbes. we shouldn’t also forget about the promotion campaigns of such giants as Nike and Adidas, that success also depends on the Ronaldo’s participation. And these are millions of views and  millions of dollars of the income! Leo is fine with promo of Lays!

Nike Football Presents: The Switch ft. Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Anthony Martial & More

The club level is steadily the best

Nevertheless, it is silly to argue Ronaldo and Messi’s club level is steadily the best. The one has quickly absorbed the Madrid DNA and teaches partners to be extremists, and the other became a bandmaster, perhaps, one of the most dangerous attacking trio in the history of soccer. It is impossible to choose the best among them as the leadership belongs to one or the other.

For example, Messi realized in fall 2014 that Cristiano would inevitably get the third “Ballon d’Or” soon. Leo in order to keep Ronaldo from getting another trophies has quit eating his favorite pizza, employed the personal fitness trainer, and brought Barcelona 5 trophies that year. Ronaldo replied in 2016: reached the  incredible  result of shots on goal (7,9 for a match) and dragged Real to the triumph in the Champions League. Messi didn’t cope with his mission that year: he was restrained by the fighters from Atletico.

There are often matches to one goal in soccer. Ronaldo and Messi’s counteraction is similar, but instead of a decisive ball –  a title with the national team on a large tournament is at stake.


Leo could make a deadly shot three times in a row.

The victory over Germany in the final of the World Cup 2014 – and Ronaldo who dropped out of the group stage and was left behind for a thousand light years. The success in the final of Copa America against Chile last year – and Cristiano blinked with an cool understanding it would be really hard to answer. At last, the recent final with Chileans – and the curriculum vitae of the forward  shined with a long-awaited tick in the column “gold medal with Argentina”.

Messi turned out to lose all three times – probably, he was simply not lucky. He isn’t not guilty Higuain is nervous at the responsible moments, and Banega is not capable to score “from point”. Leo has not scored penalty only once and declared about the withdrawal from the national team.


The unique chance for Cristiano

This Cristiano won back for himself a unique chance. Unlike the Argentineans who are always included into the list of favorites at the Copa America, Portugal was quoted below France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, England and Italy. There were 5 draws on the way to the final, an injury in a game with France, a small pause for a medical treatment  – and,  here we go, Ronaldo jumps on the borderline of the field, arguing with the coach, giving instructions to colleagues and attacking the reserved referee.

Cristiano understood clearly: he wouldn’t have another chance to win this cup. For the sake of the title, he even turned into the psychologist. It is not a secret so far Ronaldo is the Eder’s idol (though he is younger than him just for three years): it is easy to realize how it was important to hear  the words that he would replace Cristiano and score a victorious goal.

The last chance for Messi

We don’t  like to plunge into the subjunctive mood, but let’s imagine that Messi would be injured suddenly in the final of the fatal tournament. It is sure difficult to imagine him raging in the technical zone: he would rather sit down with a sad look on a subs bench watching how Argentina national team lost the next trophy.

We have got used  to Cristiano Ronaldo – eternally lagging behind and catching up, but victory on EURO 2016, and behavior in the final in particular, the Portuguese had weighed the scales in his own favor. Now he is the best as he owns a title of a different level – at the level of national teams. And Messi can outrace him in the only way:  to get back to Argentina national team and win the World Cup in 2018.


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