Ronaldinho Twin

Ronaldinho Twin in Messi T-shirt visited the match Argentina – Brazil

The South American derby between Brazil and Argentina visited the fan with a strong resemblance to Ronaldinho.

Argentina earned only two points in the last four matches of the qualification round for the World Cup 2018. It is in a very difficult situation now risking not to miss the Russian World Cup.

The match against the Brazilians was very important for Albiсelestes. It finished not the best way. Neymar and company sent to the Argentina gates three unanswered goals finishing the match with a landslide victory.

Besides the unexpected result, fans who came to watch the game witnessed one more sensation. The legend of the Brazilian football – 36-year-old Ronaldinho, who was going to retire at the end of the season, came to the stadium and happily posed for pictures with fans.

As a result, for many it was an absolute surprise when they understood that it was not him. The fan was an incredible look-alike his double.

Ronaldinho doppelganger

Bearing a strong resemblance to Ronaldinho, he was in a Barcelona T-shirt with his favorite 10 on the back, but the name of the number was totally different – Messi. Thus, it was difficult to determine who supported the eccentric fan in the game.

At the time, Ronaldinho was a mentor to Messi and left him a T-shirt with number 10 after his departure to Milan in 2008. That’s why such a style of the fan is largely symbolic.

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