First player, who admitted his homosexual preferences, was Thomas Hitzlsperger 4Gamblers

3 Premier League footballers are ready to admit homosexuality

Premier League may soon go through the revolutionary changes.

Three Premier League current players admitted their non-traditional orientation to England Football Association.

The players, who names, of course, are not called, feel concerns about possible admittance at the same time. Meanwhile, the country’s sports minister said it would be difficult to find the best time for the public admittance.

The Association Chairman Greg Clark said in his turn the players should receive all possible support in case of their public admittance of their non-traditional orientation. Any kind of abuse against them must be punished most severely.

Moreover, the first Premier League player, who admitted his homosexual preferences, was ex-Aston Villa midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger. To tell the truth, the German did it upon leaving England.

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