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Moyes forces players to celebrate Christmas with their wives

Sunderland head coach David Moyes banned the Christmas party

Moyes and Sunderland is expecting 5 matches at a time in the next 20 days. They will play against the season leader Chelsea, meet Watford on the weekend then.

Moyes and his team will visit Old Trafford, where he will meet with his former club Manchester United during the Christmas Premier League matches. Sunderland will play with Liverpool and Burnley on December, 31 and January, 2 correspondingly.

The Scottish specialist intends to preserve the players’ freshness by all means, having a lot of first team footballers injured. The traditional Christmas party ban was one of such methods.

David wants his players to meet the holiday with their families, together with their wives and girls instead.

“We went back to the bottom [Sunderland is once again the last one in the standings, after losing to Swansea 0:3]. But we do not intend to stay there too long. So we need to keep all the strength to fight and earn points,”- said Moyes.

Let us note, Sunderland is just two points away from safe zone with 11 points.

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