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Manuel Pellegrini: Three last seasons Citizens played better Manchester United

The head coach of ManCity has declared that the Citizens played better Manchester United last couple years.

“Both clubs have excellent teams, squads, but three last seasons we played better them, and results speak about that.
If we compare indexes for 3 seasons of EPL (goals and points) and the Champions League, then we were better. It brings me a great satisfaction because I realise how it is important for our fans.
Have they won a title? Have they scored more goals and missed less? Have they qualified to the Champions League? It is the only way to compare teams, let’s allow¬† the others to analyze, what does it mean. Do I think that they have acted worse than us? Yes.

It is very important to play in the Champions League every year. If you want to be a big club, it is important to be in the Champions League because there is a big difference in comparison with the Europe League. So missing the Champions League for a big team is an accident.
The Champions League is more attractive to players. We play in this tournament the last five years. That is why we always try to invite the best football players.

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