Liverpool with the best frontline for the 121 years. Read more on

Liverpool continued to show a crazy football, rewriting their own history

Liverpool’s frontline is the best for the last 121 years

This season, Jurgen Klopp team is clearly focused on the championship in the Premier League. At the moment, Liverpool take the top line in the leaderboard, showing an incredible football quality.

In the last round of the Premier League the Reds blew out of the water Watford, defeating an opponent with a score of 6:1.

Thus, Merseysiders have brought their scoring record in this season up to 40 goals in 14 matches.

The result is the best in the club’s history for the last 121 years. The Reds only once succeeded to score more goals in the first 14 matches.

It happened in the 1895-1896 season, when the team hit the opponent’s gate 48 times.

In addition, 30 of the 40 goals Liverpool scored in the Premier League, so they are leading on the index among all the teams in the tournament this season.

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