Liverpool ready to spend for Pulisic €25 million. More on 4Gamblers

Merseysides search for the team strengthening

Liverpool ready to spend for Pulisic €25 million

At this time the Reds scouts gaze fell on the young talent of the former Jurgen Klopp team – Mate Pulisic.

The 18-year-old teenager services, who is originally from the United States, were estimated in 25 million at Anfield, reports Daily Mail.

Klopp is personally interested in Pulisic because the role of attacking midfielder in the German’s team will be vacant in case of Philippe Coutinho’s leaving. He is actively being brought together with Barcelona by mass media.

The probability of Christian’s transfer to Liverpool is quite high. The American announced more than once about his wish to try himself in the prestigious English championship.

Taking into account a potential deal with Barça on Coutinho transfer, the Reds will get nice money.  

As a result, the management will spare no expense for the contract with Christian.

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