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19-year-old guy spent around £20k for plastic surgeries to look like Beckham

I want to be like Beckham

One of the English morning TV programs once has been welcomed by a man named Jack Johnson who shared an incredible life story. Jack spend £20k for plastic surgeries to look like Beckham.

Jack is a fan of the retired world-famous play-maker  who played for Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan, PSG and LA Galaxy – David Beckham. The young man was so obsessed that decided to get the alike appearance of the ex-captain of English national team.

However, Jack Johnson doesn’t seem to look like the legendary midfielder of English national team David Beckham at all.

The 19-year-old student was reported to spend for different plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures about £20k.

Johnson doesn’t work anywhere, and takes all money for his credit card, on top of that. The guy from Nottingham receives £15 social allowance from the government.

Jack Johnson want be like Beckham 19 year old guy 4gamblers.lcub

As we can see from a photo above, the result of his changes doesn’t impress. However, Jack is happy, the only thing remained  – to lose weight. He is going to have a surgery on his stomach for that purpose.

“I know I not that thin as David Beckham”, – he said. – “I tried to lose weight, I tried various diets, exercises, but I can’t. I need a stomach surgery, only that will be able to help me.

I will be very glad if I look like David Beckham, I want to have the same lifestyle”. It seems the student is not going to stop there, and who knows how it will end.

Jack Johnson is absolutely sure it is his destiny – to be well-known as Beckham, and he is ready “to work” hard to reach the same level of celebrity.


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