Iceland won't appear in FIFA 17.

Iceland didn’t approve the offer from FIFA 17

Iceland won’t appear in FIFA 17

Картинки по запросу Iceland national team won't appear in FIFA17

The national team of Iceland that brightly perfomed at EURO 2016 won’t appear in the popular game FIFA 17. The head of Iceland Football federation Geir Thorsteinsson emphasized that they didn’t manage to agree with the developers of a game about the price of license.

“They offered us 15,5 thousand EURO. We made the alternative offer, but the company rejected it. I am not familiar how much they offered to the other national teams.”

We heard they offered the same, as well as to the other similar national teams. I think that next year contacts will be restored. This game is played by hundreds of millions people, and Iceland national team is attractive to lots of fans as well”.

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