Guus Hiddink shared his expectations from the London’s Derby

The head coach of Chelsea Guus Hiddink shared his expectations from the London’s Derby with the Spurs and estimated prospects of  his team for the next season.

“In fact,  everything depends on the individual counteraction. But everyone who woul like to stop Kane will be glad to play against him. He had an outstanding season. He in the same form, as last season, demonstrating a very good game indeed.
The loss of Terry and Zuma became vital for the club though I don’t like to complain much because complaining is  a sin, we have played unsuccessfully in the FA Cup and Champions League as we didn’t have enough central defenders. We had significant changes in the structure, and it, of course, has affected the team’s confidence.
The Blues cannot afford to spend two or three such seasons like this one. But, I think, an opportunity to move to Chelsea still attracts many football players. I think, Pochettino’s squad will be able to fight for the champion’s title again next year. But we are going to boost up next season as well.
It is still a top club. The team can spend one unsuccessful season, like current one, but it is an excellent challenge for those players who will come to the team. We are still a status club, and the team has to struggle for the champion’s title next season”, – Hiddink noted.

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