Guardiola principal in Manchester City.

Guardiola explained the principles of the first team formation

Guardiola principal in Manchester City

The head coach of Manchester City Josep Guardiola has told about the principles of first team formation. He also recollected some situations with the agent of  Yaya Toure and Joe Hart’s leaving. Guardiola principal about his decisions.

“Yes, all players understand what relations we have with each other. I don’t know, they agree with it or not, but in the issues connected with the team, I –  am principal. I am a coach and I will take decisions.”

I don’t like it, but I do so for the good of team. It will do good and to the closest club’s generations of players.

And what will happen if the involved people discuss each my decision in media? We wouldn’t survive. The club won’t admit all comments of the agent in media. And football players perfectly know that if their agents, wives, fathers, sons begin to discuss the decision of club in the press, then they will stop being a part of team. Club – the most important for me.

“Believe me, I don’t take decisions to show the power. It isn’t pleasant to me. The most difficult decision is for my part connected with Joe Hart.”

I know that he means to Manchester City. His behavior in this situation, our talk – all this was difficult. But when I make these decisions, I do them in the club’s favor. It comes from my coaching in Barcelona. Perhaps, I can make a mistake, but all the same has to act in that way”.

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