Gareth Bale: “I would put on stake everything for the victory in the Champions League”

The halfback of Real Gareth Bale commented on a victory in the Champions League.

“And again these unbelievable feelings. To win this tournament again — it is something incredible. To win a trophy twice … It is hard to pick up correct words. Fabulous evening. I look forward to the continuation of that.
Tremendous evening, well and, of course, the heavy final with, undoubtedly, the magnificent rival. In the second half we faced many problems, but here it is –  success. The match was tough.
Weather conditions were difficult: it was very damp and hot and  hard to play an extra time. The most of us finished the game with spasms. Atletico has prepared a real battle for Us, but now we are just very glad that we won. It is unbelievable that a trophy came back to Us again.

I felt our power.

We perfectly looked in the first half, began quite confidently, made enough pressure on the rival. Then, probably, the heat has begun to affect, it was necessary to keep control over the game. But it seems to me, I played well, and it is more important that we won that we made it.
There can be everything in the field, you have to be ready for it. It is necessary sometimes to defend well, especially in the final, everything develops not easy. I think, our defenders were perfectly well. It is clear, that the goal was of great importance, but the most important was to win a trophy, and we have made it.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t nervous and didn’t feel pressure. I was quiet and sure that I will score. Actually, I became nervous after the penalty. There was so strong wish to win. I hoped that rivals won’t score, and we realize all our attempts to score.
We have endured the same moments two years ago. It is hard to express it with words, especially so far as it concerns the Champions League. There is no trophy more important. Just fantastically. The great moment, such is never-to-be-forgotten.
The season was given difficult. We were close to success in the championship of Spain. But, I think, in the Champions League we would exchange anything for a victory” — Bale said.

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