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Totti is one of the most devoted players of Roma

Francesco Totti is in love with his red and yellow club

The captain of Roma Francesco Totti composed the letter to the club of his heart and explained how much yellow and red colors mean to him.
” AS Roma has been my love for 39 years. Roma is my house already 25 years. Winning a champion title or playing in the Champions League, I hope I represented  the colors of Roma as it is supposed to do.
“I hope, I made you to be proud of it. I can tell that I am a one-woman man. I didn’t even leave my hometown until  I met my future wife Ilary. I will miss a routine and any daily things”.

Roma is my family, my friends, people I love. Roma — the sea, mountains, monuments. Roma is, of course, Romans. Roma — it is yellow and red”.

“For me Roma is the world. This club, this city is my life. Always”.

“Fans of Roma strongly differ from all the rest. When you wear a jersey of Roma, you are expected so much. You shall prove the value. There is no place for you if you make mistakes”.
“When I played the first match for Roma, was amazed and proud. I played for my hometown. For the grandfather. For the family. And so — within 25 years.  it is done under pressure which is the privilege”.
“When I turned 13 years old, somebody knocked at a door. Guys from Milan suggested me to join them. It was an opportunity to come to the great Italian club. But what I chose? Of course, it was not absolutely my decision. Mother was my boss. She is still main in the house. She was always attached to the boys. As well as any other mum, perhaps, excessively patronized. She didn’t want  so I left the house – was afraid that something can happen”.
“She answered directors: “No”. That was all she used to say. “It is a pity to me, but no”. It was the end. My first transfer was rejected by the boss. Then there was a moment, 12 years ago when I thought of leaving Roma to Real.
“When very successful team, perhaps, the strongest in the world, asks you to join, involuntarily you start thinking that life might be in the other places as well. I conducted negotiations with the president of Roma Franco Sensi, and it changed everything.”

“Finally, I had a conversation with my family. They also reminded me what is life. Your house — is your life” —Totti wrote.

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