Football in the world

Football ranks first sport for all around the world, that is why its topic is so popular nowadays.

All of us like to watch it on TV and in stadiums. We shout for our favorite football teams and its great football stars. We do follow the latest football news. However, just a few may be familiar with the origin of football, its history and development. Therefore, we are going to stop on the topic and reply to the question of how football has come into existence.

Football history

Thus, football is one of the most popular game in the world. Football history is dating back several centuries. Similar games were played in the ancient East countries (Egypt, China), France, Italy and England.

The forerunner of it was obviously a Roman “Garpastum”. The game was used as one of troops training courses and it required to squeeze the ball between 2 pillars.

There was a similar game in Ancient Egypt dating back to the 1900 BC. Different ball games were quite popular in Ancient Greece in the 4th century BC. There is an evidence on one of the ancient Greek Amphora where was depicted a young man juggling a ball. The image is still can be found in the Athens museum.

The Spartans used to have alike to football game called “episkyros” but it was played with hands and legs. Romans called their ball game “garpastum”. They have slightly changed the game rules and it turned out more violent and barbarous. The game became popular on the British island in the 1st century BC thankfully to Roman invaders. It gained a vast popularity among Brits and Celts. Brits became good pupils of the game and managed to win Romans in Derby in 217 year BC.

The game has disappeared completely from the world stage alongside with the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD. However, it born in mind of numerous Europeans, Italians in particular.

English Football

The Ancient football in England was very hazardous and rough. The game itself was more alike to the fierce “street raffle”. Scots and English played football to the death. Therefore, the government confronted football. There were issued several royal decrees prohibiting the game.

The popularity of English football was just incredible, even royal will cannot do anything with it. England became a birthplace of the game and it was the first country where it was called “football”. The strange fact is it has showed up in the times of the overhaul national ban instead of its official recognition.

The 19th century has turned the game from the chaotic “game of crowds” into the organized football in Great Britain. The first rules were elaborated in 1846 at Rugby-school. There was created the first football club (hereinafter “FC”) in Sheffield in 1857. London could boast with its 7 new clubs in 6 years afterwards, where the representatives drew up unified game rules and, consequently, created a National Football Association.

Football rules

The Association was enacted in 1863 and the game rules were recognized within next couple decades. There were originally only 3 out 13 paragraphs where was forbidden a hand play. Moreover, a goalkeeper was allowed to play with hands only in 1871.

The English Football Association has done a few amendments of football rules by the end of 19th century. Thus, a referee was granted with a whistle in 1878. The size of ball was identified in 1871. The first corner kick was invented in 1872. The first goals net was used in 1891. The same year was highlighted with 11-meter penalty kick. The first time referees appeared in the field in 1880-1881. The referee’s assistants were introduced in 1891. All those changes appeared within the relatively short period of time and had a great impact on the skills and tactics. It obviously changed the essence of the game.

Football started to gain popularity in Latin America and Europe in the end of 19th century.

FIFA was founded in 1904 (Fédération Internationale de Football Association).

That is how appeared one of the greatest games in the world, named football.

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