Leicester City vs Porto

Leicester City logo Leicester 1 - 0 Porto FC
27 Sep 2016 - 21:45Ling Power Stadium
Leicester City vs Porto FC. Tips Champions League

For Leicester participation in group the stage of the Champions League is big achievement and big holiday. The last match about Manchester United Leicester has lost in the nuclear submarine, and has lost largely. But Claudio Ranieri, after first half understanding what could not be caught at this meeting, has removed from game of the main forwards. And by that Leicester already then has begun to prepare for match with Porto.

Freshness of forwards is important point for Leicester. Because this team plays one of the most high-speed counterattacks in the world. And against Porto of opportunity for counterattacks will be because Portuguese have not got used all command to be dug round in the penalty area. Guests in this match will attack and by that they will give to Leicester the chance to play the soccer. And here also factor of the field. Therefore here I give to Leicester victory.

And estimated lack of the heads in first half is connected with vigilance of teams. The first round on group stage of the Champions League usually solves nothing, and in the second teams already begin to act accurately. And only after first half it will be clear to teams that should be done. To hammer, not to hammer, at gate to die in the last ditch … Therefore I consider that in first half the heads will not be.