Claudio Ranieri: “Marez – our light, and Vardy – our Royal Air Force”

The head coach of Leicester Claudio Ranieri in the run-up to a match of the 37th round of a Premier League with Everton has shared emotions about the champion’s title.

“I could never imagine it. We worked so hard. All are doing that, but the only one wins. It happened to me this year.
It is my fate. I worked very much to achieve it. It is the special moment. I want to thank players, the president, personnel and fans. Our president brings in calm and a positive. I have never seen him nervous. It is important for me.
My fairy tale has begun in the lowest league with Cagliari. And winning a Premier League is something special, and even moreover – to win with Leicester. I don’t trust bookmakers any more.

They were so wrong this season.

I don’t need big names, I don’t want to see them in the locker room. My boys are special. The one who will come to us has to have the same spirit.
I watched a match of Tottenham and Chelsea. I had a lunch in a halftime break. I have been relaxed, but I have jumped up after the second goal.
Matty James is ready. Perhaps he will come to a game with me tomorrow.
If Marez – our light, then Vardy is our airplane, he is our Royal Air Force.
When everything is all right, I enjoy these press conferences. I respect journalists because they have very hard work.

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