Christian Brocchi:

Christian Brocchi: “I’m going to work in a different way”

The new head coach of Milan Christian Brocchi share his thoughts on about his appointment.

“I want to keep on developing the existing team’s culture. I had a lot of chances to watch them playing and training, and I always saw many players who wanted to study with Sinisa and his board.
I really want to introduce my own methodology and way of training which will differ from the rest of coaches. I cannot say it will be better, but in a different way because I studied certain things and want to allow guys to implement them.
Was there any players’ discontent? It is normal that there was some certain atmosphere built up at Mihajlovic. Players have got used to see the same people.
Perhaps, it was quite a good idea. I am already well-known in Milan, and it wasn’t necessary to look for someone else and new.
I’m going to build my own strategy and try to let players know how I want to coach them “, – Christian Brocchi said.

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