Juan Mata in MU absolutely better than was at Chelsea three years ago

10 excellent players whom Mourinho has driven out of Chelsea

These guys were hardly upset by yesterday’s news. Jose Mourinho never expressed special sensitivity and seldom changed his attitude to football players.

He managed to get rid (including in vain) of many good players within two and a half years of the second coming in Chelsea. The conflict with players has probably served also as the main reason that Mourinho was dismissed, but now it is different topic: about those with whom the Portuguese quarreled and drove out.

Petr Čech

Mourinho Petr Cech

Mourinho just didn’t want that Čech went (especially to other English club), but his decision to make the main Thibaut Courtois didn’t leave to the goalkeeper a wide choice. As a result Arsenal has unexpectedly received the top goalkeeper, and rather inexpensive (10 million pounds). Yes, Eva Carneiro on the photo is nice and neat.

David Louis

Mourinho David Louis

Aventurism of the Brazilian central defender didn’t give him chances to get on with Mourinho. They were somehow got along for a season, and then all were rescued by PSG which suddenly had paid 50 million pounds for Louis.

Philippe Louis

Mourinho Philippe Louis

Similar surname, similar destiny in Chelsea. The Brazilian left defender demonstrated a brilliant game in Atletico,  and has been bought by the English club for more than 15 million pounds, though didn’t manage to break through in the first team and was sold back in a year.

Ryan Bertrand

Mourinho Ryan Bertrand

If in a case with both Louis Chelsea has only won in financial sense, then everything has turned out not so successfully with Bertrán. The pupil of  Chelsea who was rented out 7 times, played in Champions League 2012 final, but still hasn’t convinced Mourinho . The right defender César Azpilicueta is still playing on the left flank the third season in a row with the Portuguese coach, there was bought for big money Louis and Rahman, however,  Bertrán has escaped last winter to Southampton for only 10 million where became one of the best in the tournament on his position.

Kevin de Bruyne

Mourinho Kevin de Bruyne

Main personnel mistake of Mourinho. The coach called de Bruyne the cry-baby and unsteady psychologically person, but it hardly justifies the figures and facts: in January, 2014, de Bruyne has been sent to Wolfsburg for 16.5 million, he was recognized as the best player of a Bundesliga in a season and was sold back to England, but already to Manchester City and already for 55 million. Demba Ba (on a photo near de Bruyne), by the way,  hasn’t revealed himself with Mourinho.

Juan Mata

Mourinho Juan Mata

Mata  was the best player of Chelsea within 2 seasons in a row before Mourinho’s arrival, but the Portuguese has corrected it. The manner of game and softness of the Spaniard didn’t suit the coach in any way, and Mata has been sold to MU in half a year after Mourinh’s coming to the team. The decent amount (37 million) and not really quick start of the Manchester’s career have relieved Mourinho, but many is sure to consider this history as another sin of the coach.

Mohamed Salah

Mourinho Salah

After leaving de Bruyne and Mata in January 2014 at the same time, it was necessary to buy someone in exchange – just in case, for rotation and depth of structure. There was also bought Salah. The Egyptian played hard and looked vividly, but there were some cases, and it was complicated to compete with Azar, Willian, Oscar and others. Now he is already in the second Italian rent, Roma still has the right of buy-back. Productive game of Salah casts a shadow on Mourinho too, but the direct fault of the Portuguese can be identified, only if someone really want it.

Andre Schurrle

Mourinho Andre Schurrle

Andre Schurrle is one of the first purchases of  Mourinho after return to Chelsea, expensive and obviously not the most successful. Though as a far as money was concerned,  it was not bad again:  the German was sold to Wolfsburg in one and a half year even slightly more expensively. And  the game expectations weren’t met:  he didn’t  manage to become the regular player of a first team though he played absolutely well.

Juan Cuadrado

Mourinho Juan Cuadrado

And one more vinger Mourinho didn’t get along with. It was very expensive mistake: Chelsea gave more than 23 million pounds for the Colombian last winter, and in exchange didn’t receive anything at all. The fault of Mourinho should be divided also with the leaders of Chelsea, and Cuadrado, but  it is not the best time for it: now it is high time to lumber everything on Mourinho.

Romelu Lukaku

Mourinho Romelu Lukaku

If someone keeps an eye on Everton’s games within the last three seasons, he should realise that Lukaku isn’t always as cool as sometimes it seems, but having compared his statistics and regular problems of  the last years’ Chelsea forwards, it is easy to accuse Mourinho once again. Generally, it is quite possible to create a decent team which even with vingers on positions of midfielders would hardly look worse  than current Chelsea. At least, it would have a remarkable doctor.


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