Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – biography and sporting achievements

Noone of the sports celebrities of our time can be compared with the famous Swedish player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic,  in the number of contradictory assessments of his character and talent. Some admire his awesome tackels and great performance in the field, smart passes and the fighter’s unique character. The others swear an unbearable character, excessive ambition and pugnaciousness. But Zlatan Ibrahimovic can hardly leave someone indifferent.

Childhood and the first football steps

A boy from the Bosnian refugee family used to spend a lot of time in the streets of his native Malmö. He dreamed about the careers of a football player, master of martial arts and even part of Mafia at the same time. He brought plasticity and Taekwondo stunts, self-esteem and gangster’s fearlessness onto the football field, and became one of the most world famous football players. This “rattling” mixture became the reason for the admirers’ love and enemies’ hatred.

The talent of the young Bosnian helped him to avoid the very plausible fate of many age-mates born in the immigrant neighborhoods of Malmö. Zlatan graduated from high school and was fully focused on playing his favorite game in his native FC Malmö.


Start of  Ibrahimovic professional career

Ibra signed his first contract at the age of 15, and his first professional agreement with FC Malmö in 1999. The London’s Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger was watching closely the talented young man’s game in Swedish top division. Nevertheless, Ibrahimović preferred to transfer to the Amsterdam Ajax instead of the Gunners.
The career as a part of the Dutch grandee has developed ambiguously. Debut goals in the national championship and the Champions League alternated with conflicts between the Swede, coachesand his team-mates. In many respects this was the reason for his transfer to Juventus, Turin.

Period of the Italian great success

Zlatan became such an important link in a well-functioning Juventus team mechanism that the club management even rejected the Real’s $70 million offer. They tried in vain to buy out the contract of the brilliant forward. However, a well-known corruption scandal forced Ibrahimović to leave Turin and sign a contract with the Milan’s Inter. Zlatan remembers the time spent in the club, as an opportunity to work together with the outstanding coach of the decade, Jose Mourinho. But still he couldn’t resist an incredibly tempting offer of the Catalan dream-team. So, 46 million led the “flying Swede” to Barcelona team.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Spanish records

No footballer on Earth has ever gathered 62,000 spectators for his presentation. So many fans came to the ceremony of introducing Ibrahimović to the  Blaugranas. Zlatan’s unbeatable transfer held cost record for the entire Barça history until the Neymar’s one.

Fans felt some kind of ambiguity pretty soon in the Swede’s behavior in the field. Excellent matches alternated with periods of apparent indifference to everything . Zlatan frankly told about conflicts with the coach Josep Guardiola and the main club star forward Lionel Messi in his book later. Perhaps, that’s why Zlatan Ibrahimović did not stay in Barcelona.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic club career: transfer to PSG through Milan

Staying in Milan was just a temporary thing on the way to an ambitious Parisian project of creating a super club.

The fabulous amount paid by the PSG owners for the brilliant goal scorer was compensated with numerous trophies, unique and beautiful goals. He held a decent place among the world football elite and numerous replenishment of the fans army. Ibrahimović was awarded as the best scorer in PSG history in October 2015 with 110 goals for the team. According to the partners, the Ibrahimovic’s arrival changed the club spirit philosophy. The team struggled to be only on the top of the sports Olympus from that moment.

The most expensive football player in the transfers’ history

Milan won their first Scudetto in the last 7 years at the end of the season. It was the 8th national tournament when Zlatan’s team won. Ibrahimović went on the field for the Italian Super Cup against his former club, Internazionale in 2011-2012. Milan won with 2:1 score. Ibrahimović scored his 100-th goal in Serie A with Chievo. He was named the most effective forward of all playing ones ever at the end of the season. The Paris Saint-Germain club paid a transfer fee of 20 million to Milan in 2012. All Ibrahimovic transfers make him the second most expensive player in history with a total amount of calculations.

The best player of the year 2013

Ibra scored a goal in the game against Dynamo Kiev during the UEFA match and this made him the first player in history to score six goals for six different clubs in UEFA. Zlatan changed his number to 10 in 2013. He already did so earlier, but never played with this number in official matches. PSG won Marcel and became France champions in the same year. Zlatan was awarded as the best player of the year in May of the same year. The football player signed an agreement to extend the contract with PSG until 2016 with the start of the new season. Zlatan surprised the fans by scoring with a heel in the match with Bastia. Nevertheless, he behaved as if nothing had happened, and joked over opponents they were so weak that could be played with backs.

Red cards record

PSG became the French Champions League winners in 2014. The football player was awarded the title of the season most effective player for the second year in a row. And Zlatan became the record holder for the red cards number, he was carded four the same season. He was fined four matches for the excessive emotional behavior towards the referees during the match with Bordeaux. Ibrahimović said in the after-match interview the insults were not towards the referees. Although he also had something to tell them. Zlatan took  the second place in France best players list by the end of the season.

Last years of career

Ibrahimović manages to get the French Super Cup in a game against Lyonnais in the summer of 2015. However, the player injured his knee that match, and it knocked him out of the games for three months. The football player received the best Swedish player the 10th time in the same year. PSG defeated Troyes with 9:0 score in march 2016 and became France champions long before the tournament end. Zlatan said in the late spring he hadn’t any plan to sign another contract with PSG. So he would leave it after the agreement’s expiration in the summer of 2016. The football player became a part of Manchester United club right upon the contract’s termination. A goal in the match for Super Cup of England brought Manchester United the victory and was Zlatan’s first achievement in the new team.

Interesting facts:

• One reporter asked him to comment on a photo with Gerard Piquet when he was with Blaugranas. They were standing in a strange pose in it, so she asked: Are you gay? Zlatan did not lose his head and blurted out: Come to my house and see if I’m gay or not. And take your sister with you.
• Ibrahimovic became a participant in the fight against hunger under the World Food Program in February 2015. He put the names of 50 strangers suffering from hunger on his body. To be fair, we note the tattoos were temporary and soon disappeared. However,  Zlatan managed to demostrate them to the public after the next goal for PSG.
• The verb “zlatanera” in honor of Zlatan was introduced to Swedish language a few years ago. It means “to dominate on the field and beyond, to do something with force.”                                                  Initially, the word was made up in a French satirical program.

Zlatan’s luxury cars

• • The Swede is a big fan of expensive vehicles. There are following cars in his garage: VolvoC30 T5 RDesign, Ferrari 360-Spider, Ferrari Enzo, Meserati Gran Turismo, Audi Q7, Audi S8 Quattro, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Porsche Carrera GT, Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560 4.