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Ibrahimovic: I am neither self-conceited, nore perfect

Zlatan Ibrahimovic don’t consider himself perfect

The forward of Manchester United, Zlatan Ibrahimovic answered questions of how he treats himself.
– How would you describe yourself in three words?
– I don’t like to describe myself. Let it be done by the others. I am a normal person. People has created an image of bad guy, so on and so forth. People are curious: “What is Zlatan like?”.
I am a family person. I care for the family. But I become a lion in the field. The difference is great. I don’t consider myself self-conceited as people think. I am sure. I believe in myself. It doesn’t mean to be haughty. The individual strength of the person – what I trust in.

I have a confidence, self-confidence. I have my point of view, and I am diligent at work. I don’t consider it is arrogance.
– There is a thin line between arrogance and self-confidence. Perhaps, people don’t understand that you just pronounce many words with a smile. You play for your personal image, do you enjoy that?
– It is very cheerful for me. I just try to be myself. I don’t pretend to be someone else. I don’t pretend to be ideal. I make mistakes, I make big mistakes and I study on them. I will do them further – such as a human being. All do the same.

The one who considers himself perfect will very quickly fall, – Ibrahimovic replied.

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