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Alonso is sure in better performance of Bayern Munich in 2016

Xabi Alonso: I want to win all the trophies with Bayern Munich

Xabi Alonso is ineffably lucky, because he has been playing for top clubs during his career. He has been trained by the greatest coaches: Mourinho, Guardiola, Benitez and now Ancelotti. All these mentors confessed that a club success to a large extent depends on central and midfield players. This is just the position occupied by Xabi Alonso.

“All the coaches have told me that I occupy the most important position on the field. If a team wins the mid-field, it wins the game. You can notice that almost all clubs are moving to such a tactic at when the defenders and the forwards move closer to the midfielders, in order to dominate the central line.

Now Bayern has got not only a powerful mid-field, but also the defense and the attack. I can see the changes introduced by Carlo Ancelotti.

Looking at the team’s game, I can confidently say that Bayern will be able to collect all the possible trophies this season, “- said Xabi Alonso.

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