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William Hill predicts FIFA elections of new President can be postponed

William Hill forecasts the postpone of FIFA Elections

Prince Ali bin Al Hussein of Jordan raised a claim to CAS Court requiring to postpone FIFA elections due to the nontransparent voting booths on February 15, 2016. To his personal opinion, transparent booths will keep all voters from taking photo of their voting papers preserving the fundamentals of secret ballot procedure. He claimed about that case to the Electoral board of FIFA that rejected his requirement on February 15, 2016.

CAS Court resolution

CAS Court will take the final decision before the early 25th of February. SBC News reported William Hill started to accept bets whether FIFA elections will be held on the announced date. The postponed elections can be bet with 1.14 odds, elections in time – with 5.00 odds.
“Prince Ali was quite close the winning bet short time ago, however, he is likely to lose his bet with 9.00 odds, consequently he makes everything possible to prevent elections from the tough competition of 2 favorites” – claimed William Hill press secretary, Joe Crilly.
Today you can hardly find that kind of bet online at William Hill Casino. But these bets can be accepted at their land-based booking offices.

Main candidate for the FIFA president

According to William Hill, the main candidate for the FIFA president post is Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa. The bet for his victory goes with 1.53 odds. The primary competitor in the elections is the current Secretary General of UEFA, Gianni Infantino. His vicroty in the elections was estimated by 2.5 odds. The former minister of South Africa, Tokio Seksvale and ex-deputy of FIFA Secretary General, Jérôme Champagne has the lowest chances to win the elections ( 26.00 and 27.00 odds correspondingly).

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