Whiz Kid of Borussia: Emre Mor - a talented Turkish midfielder.

Whiz Kid of Borussia: Emre Mor

Whiz Kid of Borussia: Emre Mor – a talented Turkish midfielder

The talented Turkish midfielder of Borussia Dortmund Emre Mor has expressed gratitude to his  idol Cristiano Ronaldo after the duel in the second round of the Champions’ League group stage against Real (2:2).

Emre Mor – one of the most talented young players not only of Turkey, but  Europe as well.

The midfielder has played six matches for Turkish national team at the age of 19, played on EURO 2016, and also regularly plays for Borussia Dortmund.

The young and  talented footballer has shown in the field on the 77th minute and created several dangerous moments at Real’s goals for the allowed time. The young football player has approached his idol Cristiano Ronaldo after the match who warmly greeted the young talent and gave the Turk some pep talk.

Emre Mor has thanked Cris for the motivation on the page in Instagram:

“Do not dream of life – live by your dream. Thank you Cristiano you motivate me every day. Thanks to all fans of Borussia for a mad support”, – wrote the midfielder.

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