Wayne Rooney


Wayne Rooney is a player who has been one of the British football brightest stars for a long time. He is fast, technical and very smart. It allows him to always find himself on each field’s position he needed. He broke into the English football world, crashing all the conventions, in order to become its brightest star one day. “Shrek” is a Manchester United, Everton and England national team legend. But what allowed this talented British guy to achieve all of this? We will try to find the answer to this question by digging into the past of the great English football star.


Wayne Rooney was born in the large English city of Liverpool on October 24, 1985. His father, Thomas Rooney, worked as an ordinary handyman in one of the Liverpool ports. And his mother, Janet Mary Morrey, was a housewife. By origin Wayne belongs to the Irish nation, despite the fact his whole life and football career has been spent in England. He has never concealed it and noted he couldn’t imagine himself anywhere except England. The future footballer and his two younger brothers attended the Catholic school in their early childhood. And they ran to the legendary Goodison Park stadium in the evenings, where their favorite team Everton played. The guys themselves loved playing football. Wayne has always had some extra weight. In spite of  it, he was always a very prominent figure on the football field.

First steps of football career

Our today’s hero started to play for one of the local pubs’ football team already at the age of 7. And he instantly became its main star as it was noted in some biographical sources. So he continued playing in the future. Wayne was his school squad main scorer, as well as the children’s club Copplehouse Boys, playing in one of Liverpool amateur leagues. Everton managers spotted him during one of his children’s team matches. They immediately invited him to their school. Liverpool, the city’s main team representatives, came out to communicate with the young forward some time later. However, our today’s hero still preferred his favorite Everton, choosing one of the two. Rooney immediately became one of the Toffee’s brightest players. He scored a lot, often sent deft passes and distinguished with originally Irish strong-willed game manner in the field. All the players and club coaches became so fond of Wayne at some point. As a result, he went to the field as a Liverpool team’s talisman at the age of eleven. It was believed this red guy and great scorer would bring luck to the players and add to his team scoring success.

The young striker’s fast progress continued in the future. Rooney scored one hundred goals per season in younger Everton teams’ games. In that way he quickly moved from one team to another. Thus, Wayne found himself in Everton youth team (U-19) already at the age of fifteen. And, as you know, more mature footballers usually play there. Our hero also played often for the “younger” England national teams. He became various international competitions’ winner not once as part of those teams.



Wayne Rooney was included to the substitutes for Everton team official match for the first time at 16. However, he never appeared in the field during the game against Southampton. Anyway, a full-fledged debut did not take long. Rooney went into the field and scored one of the goals to the Austrian club Weiz in summer of the same year. Wayne appeared in the field for the first time in the English Premier League match against Tottenham on August 17, 2002. The player became an important team’s part since then, and its main star a bit later. He has been the local public’s main favorite for a long time. Rooney scored a lot and was always noticeable. They started to call for Rooney often into the England national team in 2003, despite the overweight. It was always his distinctive feature. The talented striker became one of the team’s leading players, and proved himself brightly in qualifying matches. He went to the European Championship in Portugal (2004) together with the England national team. Wayne showed himself in a great way in Europe, and was even included in the tournament symbolic team.

Rooney transfer to MU

Nevertheless, rumors in press started to spread out at this point that the modest Toffees could not keep a talented young forward. Many European clubs joined into the fight for a young star. However, Manchester United succeeded in the end. Wayne refused to prolong a contract with Everton and joined the Merseysides for £27 million. So Rooney has always been booed off at Goodison Park and Old Trafford has made a fuss of him since then. Wayne Rooney became a real Manchester United hero during ten seasons. Fans and coaches really loved him. Therefore, probably, the football player himself hardly ever regretted the choice he had made once. He managed to win the Championship five times within ten years. Wayne has also lift the Football League Cup and the England Super Bowl over his head three times. Moreover, our hero managed to win the Champions League with the Red Devils in 2008. So, even now we already can afford to say: the career of this extraordinary player has been well-spent.


The footballer was married to his school friend Colin McLaughlin (now Rooney) in June 2008. They have been dating for six years before marriage. The couple brings up two children nowadays: the sons Kay (2009) and Clay (2013). However, the Rooney’s couple family life was far from being always cloudless. The news began to appear in the British press in 2009 that Wayne often used the prostitutes’ services. Afterwards, these rumors were officially confirmed. A serious scandal broke out, but the agitation was damped in the end. Wayne publicly apologized for his actions and noted he had been simply “young and stupid” earlier.

Currently, he still lives with his wife Colin.


Wayne Rooney transferred from MU, where he played since 2004, to his native Everton in summer 2017. His old-new team had a match at the Old Trafford soon. Everton lost with a score 4:0 score.

Rooney behind the field

The police stopped Rooney’s Volkswagen on August 31, 2017. As it turned out, it was not his and the football player was in a state very far from sober. The whole evening he drank in a bar and, as eyewitnesses recalled, danced on the tables under the songs of the Oasis band. The court sentenced the defender to 100 hours of community service and revoked his driver’s license for 2 years. The football player publicly repented of the deed and apologized to the fans, relatives and Everton management. He said he fully agreed with the verdict and hoped to serve society in obligatory tasks.