Villarreal vs Barcelona

Spanish LaLiga
Preview. Villarreal vs Barcelona, 20.03.2016. Read more on 4Gamblers

Villarreal demonstrated a great power of will in their own backyard

Preview. Villarreal vs Barcelona, 20.03.2016

Villarreal started to demonstrate their character from the first minutes of the match and were not inclined to give up in favor of their fierce rivals from the Champions League quarterfinals.

Who could predict how the match would go on if there was no substitution on the 55th minute.

We could witness a great chance to score from Bakambu on the 3rd minute of the match. And it had nothing to do with fortuity, the team showed their real host’s character. Though, Barca managed to make the first kick on the 10th minute, but the next Messi’s attempt was successful but in a little different sense. Leo hit the girl on the tribune at the back of the host’s goal. He stroke so hard that the medical staff has to take some necessary measure as she was likely to have a brain concussion.

The Messi and company boosted up their attacking skills and scored

Such events were always a sign for the further Luis Enrique’s side domination, but Villarreal was different. They did manage to stop their fierce opponents and even made them to play counterattacking football. Cladio Bravo had to leave the penalty area couple times heading the ball to his colleagues from defense.

Barca was not that successful with their counterattacking as used to, as Neymar had just couple chances at the front and twice fell down meeting the Submarine’s defense. The another playmaker’s run was absolutely useless, as there was clear offside. The situation on the pitch was quite even by the 40th minute of the match. Bakambu didn’t manage to hit the goal on the 40th minute. And Barca started their fast counterattack that was finished by the Asenjo’s foul. He knocked down Neymar who was about to score from the penalty area. The penalty kick was quite evident, so Messi scored without any problem.

Do you think everything was finished like that?

No way…Villarreal was inclined to struggle up to the end. The substitution of Gerard Pique who had already a yellow card in stock by Jeremy Mathieu played a bad trick with Luis Enrique. After 2 minutes of the game the substitute allowed Denise Suarez to reach the penalty area and make a kick. The ball rebounded right to Bakambu who had nothing to do but score. Afterwards, the Garcia’s squad made several fore-checks and couple corner kicks. Soldado was very close to score after the 2nd corner, but the Lady Luck was on the favorite’s side.

Neymar responded by another great moment at the frontline

He tackled 3 defence players, and made a great kick but that time Asenjo saved the goal. But Mathieu was so active that laid himself open to the ball coming from the flank and it rebounded right into the net. So, Mathieu managed to participate in 2 moments for 7 minutes on the pitch that resulted in 2 goals for his own team.
The rest of the game was definitely under Barca’s control, but nevertheless they didn’t manage to create something really dangerous. Enriue’s squad continued their undefeated run with increasing the gap between Athletico Madrid who was defeated in their last match, but the very match had nothing to do with the champion’s way of the game.

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