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The Legend, Idol, King. Thierry Henry wallpaper photos poster on The Legend, Idol, King. Thierry Henry wallpaper photos poster on 2 PIC ALAN WALTER     161102 ARSENAL V TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR     FA Premiership THIERRY HENRY CELEBRATES HIS GOAL The Legend, Idol, King. Thierry Henry wallpaper photos poster on Arsenal The Legend, Idol, King. Thierry Henry wallpaper photos poster on Arsenal Sign In Wenger Arsenal's Thierry Henry celebrates scoring the equaliser yellow kit

Arsenal’s Thierry Henry & his new manager Arsene Wenger pose for photographs, sitting in the stand at Highbury

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The Legend, Idol, King. Thierry Henry is 40!

 The great forward’s anniversary: Thierry Henry, the world and European champion has recently celebrated his 40th birthday. will tell you a few stories about Thierry Henry, the defenders’ nightmare.

The First Steps

Caribbean blood flows in Henry veins. The famous footballer’s father Anthony is from Guadeloupe, and mother Maris is from Martinique. Thierry was born in France, in Paris slum Les-Yulis. His parents divorced when the boy was 8 years old, and Thierry stayed with his mother. She was way to strict about her son’s upbringing and dreamed of giving him a good education, while his father encouraged sports. Henry described his childhood as “locked up”, because Maris tried to limit his contacts with filthy streets as much as possible. And she was right. When Thierry grew up, he was very thankful for that: ” As a child, it was very painful and lonely to watch my friends spending time on the streets. And now almost all of them died or got into prison.”


The Talent

Anthony realised that his son had a rare football talent. Thus, Thierry was sent to Les-Yulis football section intentionally, although his parents had regular scandals on the issue. Anthony made his son train, knocking laziness and mother’s morals out of him. He told him he should work hard to be successful. The Henry’s father even lost his job once as he was at his son’s game during working hours. Nothing was more important in his life. Anthony argued with the coaches, fought with the referees, gave his son hearty slaps upside the head, if he did not train hard enough. Thus, drummed into the Thierry’s head by all means that he was special. In general, the father was as a locomotive, which dragged Henry to a glorious football career. The Frenchman himself stressed it repeatedly: “I would never have become a person I am now without my dad. He was keen on football much more than me that time, and I just did not want to disappoint him. The smile on my father’s face made me happy too, so it was really worth the effort».


The break-in

Monaco scout Arnold Catalano identified the boy’s talent when Thierry was 13 years old. As it often happens, the expert came to watch another player’s game. But Henry scored six goals that match, so it was hard to leave him without a proper reward. Henry was invited to the Monegasques without additional trials to take the educational course at Clairfontaine elite academy. Time passed quickly. And we could already see him in Monaco U-13. Furthermore, he received a royal gift in the form of a debut for the League 1 first team. Arsen Wenger invited Henry a few years after his 17th birthday. Mr. Wenger used Thierry on the left flank closer to the front line However, he started to doubt his decision later on. Anyway, he did not manage to put the things right as was dismissed due to unsatisfactory results. Jean Tigana began using Henry as a forward. Thierry did not have enough power to fulfill the center forward duties at first. But everything immediately set up when he recovered in a couple of years. The Frenchman positioned himself as a center forward. His performance simultaneously got better all of a sudden and he brought  Monaco to the championship title.


The Unexpected Turn 

Henry was not even 20 years old when his career could turn a different way. Thierry could become Real legend somewhere in the parallel universe, but not on the Earth. Although, the forward managed to sign the contract with the Royal Club. And everything due to his father’s efforts as he was impressed by the transfer amount and personal contract terms. Everything would be fine, but Henry was still bound to Monaco that time. The president of FC Monaco, Charles Campora was mad to find out about the events that had taken place behind his back. He called the Whites –  Madrilenians vultures and sent a complaint to FIFA. The verdict was the following: fines received both Real Madrid and Henry. The contract between them was considered illegal. Thierry was excluded from the Monaco first team games for a month and a half for educational purposes. Nevertheless, he continued to score when he returned and was called to the French national team soon. As a result, he won the World Cup and European Championship in the next two and a half years.

The Legend

Let’s keep silent about unsuccessful appearance in Juventus, as Carlo Ancelotti still regrets using Henry as a midfielder. Therefore, the coach’s short sight helped Thierry to find himself in his childhood’s favorite club and with his ex-coach. The Frenchman dispelled the English skeptic doubts in the first season, and scored 26 goals for the Gunners. Besides, Henry didn’t have less than 20 goals in all seasons, except for the 8th and last when he got lots of injuries. Total results for 5 seasons: more than 30 goals. The Thierry’s unique style was finally formed in London. He became the world’s football star and an integral part of the Gunners without defeats in the Premier League under the command of Arsene Wenger. Later on, Henry played for Barcelona, where he won the Champions League, and in the US, but already returned to Arsenal twice. And  he will obviously return again. Everybody has in his memory Del Piero wearing Juventus jersey, Raul in a snow-white one, Shevchenko appearing in Milan colors, and Henry in the Gunners red and white color, a true Arsenal legend.