The worst bet of the season for the Leicester’s champion title in Ladbrokes

A story about one fan who has early bowed out became the property of the public.

There were already many stories about people which put money for a champion’s title of Leicester this season when still practicallynobody believed in that. These people are called lucky, but there was an opposite story when one guy bet on Leicester, but… lost.

It is worth mentioning the unexpected leader of the England national tournament can guarantee themselves a champion’s title right after the next match against Manchester United.

According to Press Association, one fan of Claudio Ranieri’s team has decided to bet in one of bookmaker offices on the champion’s title of Leicester before a season 2015/16.. The coefficient on a victory of the Foxes in tournament was 5000x. The guy decided to put only 50 pennies (half-pound).

Ranieri’s club have started the season with an impressive victory 4:2 over Sunderland at native stadium King Power. Jamie Vardy has scored a goal, Riyad Mahrez made a double. And Marc Albrighton finalized with the fourth goal in the opening day of the season.

After this match, our hero decided to cash out the account which equaled 95 pennies after the victory. Thus, he managed to win only 45 pennies.

If the guy didn’t make it, he would become the happy owner of 2500 pounds already next Sunday.

The bet was made in one of Ladbrokes’s bookmaker offices that published the following statement:

“It was the worst decision in the history. Many people have taken away money in a case with Leicester. But they did it in the middle of the season, but not after the opening game.

We offer our client to cover all his expenses on visiting all awaymatches next season, and also one more bet on a champion’s title next year in order to brighten up somehow his grief”.

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