Football Superstar from England with a Guiness Book Record  - Adebayo Akinfenwa

The unique player’s story about Adebayo Akinfenwa

Football Superstar from England with a Guiness Book Record  – Adebayo Akinfenwa

“My secret is simple: gym and many carbohydrates” (с) Adebayo Akinfenwa

How many players of the fourth national championship division do you know who have more than 200,000 followers in Twitter? And the English Premier League legends such as David Siemen, Robbie Fowler, Dietmar Hamann, Jimmy Bullard are among them. Akinfenwa is one of those guys. His Wycombe Wanderers don’t grab stars from the sky as they are the League 2 average performers. However, in England there is no such fan who would not have heard of Adebayo.

Rock-solid Akinfenwa

Everything is simple: his height is180 centimeters and his weight is 102 kilos, and sometimes it has even reached 108. Imagine for a second this jumbo, a rock-solid ram that sweeps everything in his path. Such specific anthropometry features are more suitable for rugby, not football. But let’s give him proper respect as Akinfenwa used his own figure very skillfully, making himself the name on it.

Originated from the Foggy Albion

He was born in London, in a family of Nigerian immigrants. Father professed Islam, mother was a religious Christian. The boy followed the father’s priorities at first, but later baptized. The Bible is still a desktop book for him, and he attends the Sunday Divine Liturgy no less diligently than his team’s training.

Start of the Adebayo professional career

Akinfenwa started football at the beginning of the 2000-s. He still did not reach anything, but already had an agent. This agent called in several clubs and found a place for a young man in … Lithuanian Atlantis from Klaipeda. So the British no name scored a couple of goals, including one of them in the victorious match for the Lithuanian Cup. Nevertheless, staying in the Baltics became a shock to Adebayo. They called dark-skinned striker from the stands not only a “fat slob”, but also a “smelly nigger”. He could not tolerate racism.

Back Home

“”In London, where I was born and grew up, nobody offended me. The things that I encountered in Lithuania became frankly insolent,” Akinfenwa summed up.
He packed things up and moved closer to home. He moved to Wales, where he joined Barry Town club. Yes, this is the same Barry Town that got 10 goals from Dynamo Kiev in total during the Champions League 1998/99 qualifying matches. A formidable scorer became the champion and Wales Cup owner and went on searching the team again. Barry Town went bankrupt.

Career development

Akinfenwa has changed 5 clubs for two years, until finally found a cozy harbor in Torquay United. He scored in every second match there and became the Swansea transfer target, as a result of the season. The Swans spent for a strange football player £85 thousand. Adebayo spent two seasons at Liberty Stadium, but his career real blossom came later: at Northampton Town, Gillingham and Wimbledon.
In particular, Akinfenwa played at the legendary Wembley in 2013 when his Northampton fought in the playoffs of the 4th division. Finally, the Englishman with the Nigerian roots became famous throughout the country. He was called for numerous interviews, invited to a television show, and Daily Mail even offered the football player to run a column.

Akinfenwa – a mountain of muscles

Yes, Akinfenwa often heard phrases like “Hey, fat bastard!” on his address even in his native country. But he has got used to respond by actions. Once and for all he proved that his combat mass is not fat, but the mountain of muscles. Adebayo has been working diligently in the gym over the years. Can you imagine, even the teammates have been surprised many times, when they have seen him with dumbbells on a warm-up.
His goals are set on the conveyor. Akinfenwa has long crossed the grandmaster mark of 100 goals, and continues to improve his stats. The player scores with his head regularly, and even without jumping quite often. He just skillfully chooses the position, and the defenders are not able to move him. They ricochet from his mighty body, like balls made of foam plastic. With such impressive dimensions, our hero is very useful in playing along as he acts as a “wall”. When the rivals kick the corner, Akinfenwa defends the near post. You should have no doubts: no mouse will slip by.

Adebayo entered the Guinness Book of Records

The forward appears in FIFA football simulator not the first year already. Akinfenwa even entered the Guinness Book of Records. He is the first to be recognized as the strongest player in this game for six consecutive years. And here you will not argue! It is worth saying our footballer pulls a 200-kilogram bar in the gym. It is not so far to the absolute world record. Our footballer showed himself, having scored another goal for Vycombe Wanderers in September. 35-year-old Adebayo picked up a teammate, loaded him on his back, like a sack of potatoes, and started doing squats over and over again. True Beast!


Clothing brands of sportswear by Akinfenwa

Having received a widespread acknowledgment, Akinfenwa put into production his own clothing brands “Beast Mode” and “Haha” (laughing at stereotypes about unusual body proportions). You can confidently say the business has brought the guy much more solid money than football. By the way, the Adebayo’s autobiography titled “The Beast. My Story” has been imprinted recently.

Adebayo in Boxing

It would be strange if such a strong sportsman did not try happiness in boxing. Akinfenwa has sparrings regularly. And when he heard about Rio Ferdinand’s intentions to enter the ring, he made an ambitious statement.
“Rio is a legend, and he is mine. I applaud him and appreciate his mood. If he wants it, I will be able to meet him in the ring. Perhaps we will carry out this fight later when I finish my career, but I think I will send him to sleep”.

Liverpool  –  favorite team

Akinfenwa supported Liverpool all his life, and his favorite player was John Barnes. The immodest forward of the modest Vycombe addressed the Merceysides after the summer transfer window closure: “Klopp had to sign me! I need high-speed partners. Mané, Firmino and Salah have this incredible speed. If you put me in with such players and pass to the penalty area, I will score. My coach knows that I love Liverpool and he would let me go without problems.”
Why not? It would be very interesting to look at it at least.




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