Bayern Munic vs Juventus FC

Champions League
Preview. Bayern Munich vs Juventus, 16.03.2016.

The Guardiola’s squad get ready to dismantle The Old Lady at Allianz Arena

Preview. Bayern Munich vs Juventus, 16.03.2016

The Munich machine confidently surmount all the hurdles on their way to Bundesliga’s championship. They are leaders with some points ahead from the closest opponents. They are not likely to miss that chance. As for the Champions League, the Bavarians are the one of the main candidates for the European Crown. That season is highlighted by the great tackles of the Bavarian stars such as Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Muller. They scored 39 goals of 56 team’s total.

On the whole, the German squad always struggles for the top spots including that season

We witness a great form of the team with impressive performance and results. The Old lady, in its turn, spreaded its wings flying towards the Championship in Seria A. Juventus has been defeated 16 matches in a row and takes the leadership of the table. They score a good number of goals and miss really seldom, keeping the best record among the rest of Italian clubs.

The best Juve’s shooter is Argentinian playmaker Paulo Dybala, scored 13 goals in the season

The Torinos’ task has become more difficult after the result of the first leg. It goes without saying that away matches are always seem harder. But if they want to continue their Champions’ League run, they are to place all their drive and value for that.

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