The Chinese investors have received an exclusive right for purchase Milan’s shares

The Fininvest company owning Milan has reported that the Chinese consortium has received an exclusive right on purchase of the Rossoneri’s shares.

Silvio Berlusconi has recently dealt with the issue of  Milan’s shares sale. It was reported that he intends not to sell the club completely, but only the part of his shares.

“Fininvest has reached the agreement on granting for some period to the Chinese investors  exclusive rights on purchase of Milan’s shares” — the official statement of the company says.

“This period has been implemented in order the parties could discuss some inaccurate clauses, requirements of  the club, and also due to the intensive Milan’s calendar of matches “.

However, this statement doesn’t mean yet that shares will be sold to the Chinese. It means that Berlusconi won’t conduct negotiations during the certain period with the other parties interested in purchase of the Rossoneri’s shares as well.

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