Sex after midnight and other Guardiola's veto. More on

Success secrets: 6 things forbidden by Guardiola

Sex after midnight and other Guardiola’s veto


Josep identified 6 reasons that can prevent football players from success. We are goint to tell you about all Guardiola’s veto.As soon as the Spaniard Josep Guardiola became a head coach of the City, the team has demonstrated a significant progress. He got the status of one of the leading contenders for the victory in EPL this season. Thanks to Guardiola who knows when is better to say “no.”


Fortunately, the boss of the City allows sex for players but only before a midnight. In the Josep’s opinion, it will help players to show best quality game and avoid muscular injuries. To find out circumstances, you can ask Samir Nasri. The most interesting is to know how Pep can control execution of this rule?


Last season Claudio Ranieri promised his squad to organize a pizza party in case of a victory in the Premier League. As we see, such motivation worked nice on the Foxes, who became the champions of England for the first time in the football history. Nevertheless, the Ranieri’s views are totally different from the Pep’s, who doesn’t want even to hear about pizza. Guardiola put the veto on pizza. The best friends from pizza delivery no more welcomed in the changing room of the Etihad stadium through they were quite often guests not too long ago.


Days when the players of the City could have a snack with a hot dog or Mcmuffin in the car, on the way to the training, are far away in the past.

Now Pep prefers everybody sitting at the table according to an old good family tradition. Among products there is only a healthy food on the table, as breakfast – is the most important meal for the whole day.

Fruit juice

As for a diet, Josep Guardiola doesn’t allow football players to drink any products with sugar that’s why a fruit juice is also taboo in the City. Guardiola suggests players to eat fresh fruits  instead of juice to get all necessary vitamins.

Wi-Fi and mobile gadgets

The most difficult test for all Pep’s football players. As the trainer declares, he is fed up of watching football players who permanently stare at their phones. Guardiola suggests them to communicate in a real-life instead and announced one more veto: no Wi-Fi and mobile internet in the training centre. Taking into account how active many of players are in social networks, it was really difficult for  them to get used to such a ban.


Pep forbade all provocative hairstyles in “daft” style, wearing by Paul Pogba. The advantage of the ban isn’t evident at first sight, however, the coach of the City should know better than anybody else.

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