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Sergio Ramos Garcia (30.03.1986) is a Spanish footballer; currently plays for Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. His usual position is on the right flank or in the center.

The Ramos’ professional career began in Sevilla, one of the local league giants. He had a chance to play with Jesús Navas and the late Antonio Puerta there. Sergio made his debut in the field in February 2004; he scored his first goal after 7 months, in September.

Ramos transfer to Real Madrid

Ramos transferred to Real Madrid for €27 million in  summer 2005 after three seasons in Sevilla. By the way, the sum was simply a record for a typical Spanish teenager. It should be noted Sergio was the only Spaniard to get to Real Madrid during the Florentino Perez’s first term as the team’s president.

Ramos received a jersey with the number ‘4’ in Real. It belonged previously to the team’s captain, Fernando Hierro. Sergio scored his first goal for the new club in the Champions League against Olympiacos on December 6, 2005. Unfortunately, the Ramos’ goal did not really help the team as they lost 3:2 in the end.

Central defender with forward skills

The first seasons Sergio had the central defender position. He moved to the right edge with Christoph Metzelder and Pepe arrivals in the 2007-2008 season. However, Ramos could work on the left edge as well if it was necessary. Being a defender, Ramos has always been incredibly fond of independent goals scoring. He sent the ball into the opponents’ net 20 times in total for the first 4 seasons. The sportsman admitted in one of his interviews, he had previously played as a forward.

Ramos helped Gonzalo Higuain to score a goal against Osasuna, in the 89th minute on May 4, 2008. This goal brought Real victory in the game and the 31st league championship title. Sergio managed to score twice in the match against Levante on the season’s last day.

The next season began with another extremely important goal in the Spanish Super Cup match against Valencia. His results got worse for some time. However, Sergio had enough power to pull together and return back to the former results. Ramos scored an incredible goal in the match against Mallorca on January 11th, 2009.

The footballer joined the ‘Team of the Year’ by both FIFA and UEFA versions in 2008. In addition, he managed to rise to the 21st place in the Player of the Year title race in Europe.

Ramos – captain of Real Madrid

Ramos met season 2009-2010 with a new role, as one of the 4 Real Madrid captains. Sergio said at the next conference this post was a great honor for him. The football player was injured even before the season’s start. However, the former form restoration did not take much time. Ramos played in the center again due to the absence of injured Pepe. We must say, he coped with this position just brilliantly. So, he had 2 headers and became one of the year’s best air players.
Sergio played his jubilee, 200th match for Real Madrid (150th, if we count only League matches) on February 21, 2010.

International career

Ramos’ career at the international level was also good. He was taken to the Spanish youth national team in 2005. Sergio took part in six major international battles. The footballer played in a friendly match against the Chinese team on March 26. Sergio played with adults, despite the fact he barely celebrated his 18th birthday.

That was the way to go for Ramos. For example, it was him playing a central defender that seriously helped the Spanish team to achieve excellent results at the European Championship in 2008.