The captain of Real Sergio Ramos: “It is a reward for a heavy season”

The captain of Real was recognized as the best player of the Champions League final against Atletico (1:1, 5:3 on foams.), and share some impressions after a victory.

“Delightful feeling, 2 victories in 3 years! Award for a heavy season. We have reached the final and won again — incredibly, unbelievable! Those emotions would always rest on the special place in my heart.
Atletico played fine. They spent an excellent season, but the football essence is that both teams can’t win. Fortunately, we are coming back with the trophy.
You experiences tremendous emotions when you hold the cup in hand, being a member of the best team on the Earth, and it in my first year as the captain. First time is always special. The Lisbon triumph was incredible owing to the scenario of a match and result. Present — just awesome that will always stay in my heart.

Every time, executing a penalty, you can be ready positively or negatively. Or in general it is better not to approach a ball? Soccer — a cruel game. The penalty — a roulette, than all has ended — a victory or defeat.
Zizou from the first day has introduced  a modesty, work and commitment in team. The change of coach was very important. He had given Us what we lacked before. Our victory is deserved, and it is good that we can celebrate it together with him.
There are a lot of things changed after Zidane’s appointment. The situation in a locker room became better, we became unified. We have experienced the pleasant moments too with Benitez. It is like in family: sometimes all get on, sometimes – No. We have achieved success thanks to the efforts, work and optimism” — Ramos noted.

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