Cazorla bad injury

Santi Cazorla absence can be tough for the Gunners

Arsene Wenger and his squad can hardly cope with the loss of Santi Cazorla cause of bad injury

Unfortunately, we rarely see Santi Cazorla in the game last two seasons. The Spanish is already 31 years old. Thus, it is getting more difficult for him to maintain the rhythm of the English football without impressive dimensions.

Nevertheless, Santee doesn’t seem like to miss games cause he can’t give anything to the team any more. On the contrary, he is incredibly important for the Gunners, but injuries do not give him the opportunity to carry out a stable season game.

Many English experts and ex-Arsenal players have previously noted that the Gunners would win English Premier League last season, if Santi were healthy. We can’t know that, of course, but one thing we are aware for sure – the Arsenal game is incredibly dependent on Cazorla.

Santi Cazorla changed the central midfielder position only two years ago, playing the position 10 or on the midfield flanks. At that time Arsene Wenger was forced to take a risk and allowed in an important area for such a tiny footballer. The captain Mikel Arteta was not in due to the injury.

British experts were skeptical of such Wenger’s decision, as they always were.

How the little Spanish player under 170 centimeters height can ensure the team stability in the central line. Cazorla coped with that in the best way. As a result he has booked his place in the first team since then.

Arsenal won 65% of matches in the Premier League with Cazorla in the first team since August 2014.  Hence the Gunners had got only 41% wins without him. The main point here has nothing to do with the statistics. It can’t read what such a player like Cazorla gives to the squad in fact.

“His technical skills have a great value for the squad. Santi gives Arsenal the class in terms of decision-making, determining the game vector and sending the ball from the field depth to the front line.”

“Now we are seriously lacking the Santi’s abilities. It seems to me, when he’s not playing, we become less dangerous for the opponents defense line”, – remarked earlier Arsene Wenger.

It is obvious Wenger like no other knows how important Cazorla to Arsenal. Santi is the player who makes the ball move to the right place in the field. He gives the team the necessary stability at the back without sacrificing of incredible tackles or interceptions. Due to his skill of getting out of pressure, he co-operates with partners at the right time.

Cazorla influence on the game in the attack is tremendous.

It is very complicated to find any other central midfielder in the world ready to apply the standards with both feet. He is able to make a long-range shot and long-range pass perfectly well. He is strong in the technical component of the game. At the same time, he is absolutely fine sharing right passes with his teammates.

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