Sam Allardyce has commented on the game of Atletico 4gamblersclub

Sam Allardyce: “The defense is an art. All have forgotten about it, but Atletico – an perfect example”

The head coach of Sunderland Sam Allardyce has commented on the game of Atletico.

“The more you miss, the lower you go down in the table, so you can appear in the bottom three. You definitely will not start to score more.
All think of goals, goals, goals. If you want, a perfect example – Atletico. Fantastically organized team, the real breath of fresh air in modern football.
All have forgotten the defense is an art. I work really hard on the defense line, but I don’t think the most of coaches think about it. Besides coaches of defenders, of course.
I was very glad to look how Atletico has beaten the Germans. How did they play, how defended against one of favorites of the Champions League!
Defense is a tactical art. It is necessary to feel the danger of the moment, to block strikes and low crosses, to maintain pressure on the rival, at the same time without fouling. They are really good in that.
All team is involved in it. Torres defends at the corner of the penalty area! You haven’t seen him playing so good in Liverpool or Chelsea.
It shows how their coach is good and why they are successful. They miss the least – and therefore they are successful. Usually they need only a single goal to win.

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