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Guess the meaning of the last tattoos of Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos boasted with a new tattoo and offered the fans to guess a symbolization of each one

Real Madrid captain Ramos, known for his love of tattoos, put another one on each of the four knuckles – some symbolic numbers for him.

Sergio suggested fans to guess the meaning of numbers 35, 90+, 32 and 19, setting new tattoo photos on social networks. Moreover, he stressed each one of them was dear to his heart.

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It is expected, the numbers 32 and 35 mean his former squad numbers.

He played in jerseys with just the same numbers in Sevilla before the transfer to Real Madrid. Ramos made his debut for the Spain national team after moving to the capital. As it happened at the age of 19 years, it brings us to the third number.

The tattoo “90+” raises the least doubts. Sergio stressed his ability to score crucial goals in extra time. Thus, the most prominent of them is a goal to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final. Ramos scored on 92nd minute and 48 seconds in that match. Furthermore, he has turned the game into overtime, where the Royal Club put the squeeze on the rival (4:1) and won the tenth European Cup in its history.

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