PSG vs Man City

Champions League
Preview. PSG vs Manchester City, 06.04.2016.

PSG has to score with the current shape of Pellegrini’s squad

Preview. PSG vs Manchester City, 06.04.2016

PSG quite fairly comes up to this match as favorite according to quotations of bookmakers. Laurent Blanc’s team brilliantly performs in the national tournament, preliminary possesing the champion’s title in pocket, the club doesn’t feel too much resistance winning every second match in European tournaments and easily outplaying Chelsea in Champions Leagaue. The Parisians are very close to the cherished dream – a victory in the Champions League. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the company show an outstanding performance. They played so well until the fns started underestimating and whooping when PSG scored just one-two goals in a game.

Manchester City, as the rest of other EPL clubs, fails this season, settling down on the 4th position

The team surrendered the game with Chelsea in FA Cup as they are not ready to play well in different tournaments at the same time, however, it didn’t help either: they won just twice in the last 7 rounds of Premier league. Regarding 1/8 Champions League finals with Dynamo, the Citizens looked quite confident, but not totally perfect. After the Rebrov’s side understood there was nothing to lose and decided to play on counterattacks. Manchester City came across with a set of problems in defense.

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