Vardy rituals before a match

Jamie Vardy rituals: 3 Red bulls, double espresso and an omelet before every match…

Superstitious Jamie Vardy

The forward of Leicester Jamie Vardy told about the daily schedule during the matches of the English championship.

How is Red Bull has become Vardy rituals?

” I made several changes in the pre-game rituals  at the beginning of a season-2013/14.

If the match begins at three o’clock in the afternoon, then I drink a Red Bull for thirty seconds right after rise. I wait then until half of the eleven and eat baked beans. Many beans with an omelet with cheese and ham, finishing  all this with one more energy drink.

Whiling away the time before a match, I drink double espresso.

We do it usually together with Wasilewski. We come to a locker room for an hour and a half before a match where I take one more Red Bull at once. I sip it up to the beginning of a match and even I leave a little to finish it after the game.

Red Bull, double espresso and an omelet with cheese and ham – it makes me to run as crazy in a match day.

I don’t remember when the other my tradition was started. I began to drink on a half-glass of Port last season in a day before the game. I just poured it in a plastic bottle and sipped it in front of the TV.

I am not really superstitious person, but I decided to change nothing from the moment of my goal to Sunderland in the first round.

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