Pogba arranged a

Paul Pogba – enough time as for football and fun at night

Pogba arranged a “sweet” life for the Lowry hotel residents

Despite of numerous guests’ complaints of five-stars hotel “Lowry”, it received a huge advertizing. All those complaints were not provoked by regular visitors, but Paul Pogba.

The French midfielder, residing at the hotel, invited many friends and arranged a party. He didn’t hesitate to share it on his Instagram.

The loud singing, dances and shouts reaching from apartments of the Frenchman irritated all guests of the luxurious hotel. According to the one of hotel residents, ” the noise was unbearable and didn’t stop. They answered me  I was not the first who complained. There was nobody who could help it”.

No claims will make the administration of Lowry to get into conflict with the player of MU. Frankly speaking, it is reasonable especially when it comes to the profits Red Devils bring regularly.

The matter is that a regular resident of “Lowry” is the mentor of MU Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese hasn’t purchased a housing in Manchester yet and therefore a residing here is very comfortable for him. He stopped at least 126 times here The total revenue of Lowry is estimated in tens of thousands pounds.

it is clear enough that no claims against the golden boy from Red Devils will be able to stir up an administration of five-star hotel as they appreciate their VIP clients.

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