Pep Guardiola - victory over Barca

Pep Guargiola about the victory over Barcelona (3:1)

Pep Guardiola emphasized the importance of the victory over Barcelona

Pep Guardiola is convinced that the victory over the Barcelona with a score of 3:1 is an important step for the City towards success in the Champions League.

Guardiola always claims his team does not have much experience in the UEFA Champions League yet, but the Citizens have laid the foundation for the future success after the first victory over the Barcelona.

“We could not compete with the strongest opponent in the Champions League in the first 30 minutes. The Manchester City did not participate in the tournament for 25 years, while Barcelona, Real and the Bayern Munich fought for the cup every season, “ Guardiola noted.

We need time. Critics are often impatient, but the club gives us the time and opportunity for the  growth.

Our team began to play in a new way just three months ago. Today we tried, and beat a strong opponent.

Future generations of fans will appreciate this breakthrough. Joe Hart and Vincent Kompany helped the team to won the Premier League twice, and now it faced with the task of the same value.

We need 10-15 years to become one of the strongest teams in Europe. We will try to shorten this period and give our fans a lot of victories, like today’s one. “

Pep Guardiola praised Aguero, who fought tirelessly for the victory of the City in the clash against the Spaniards.

“He played great today. Sergio is very important for our team, we need his help to hit our targets. I am very excited about his success! “, the coach said.

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