New Australian online gambling legislation

The Australian authorities introduced some changes to the current gambling legislation

 New Australian online gambling legislation 2016

It would require local online gambling operators to acquire a license for carrying out the activities, otherwise, they will face heavy fines. The new online gambling legislation is promoted to strengthen control over gambling in the country and increase the national GDP.

A new amendment bill about the interactive gambling (Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016) will allow the Australian communications mass and media authority (ACMA) without recourse to the Australian Federal Police to impose on unscrupulous online gambling operators civil penalties.

Operators, accepting bets from the professional gamblers in Australia without a local license will have to pay a tax in the amount of 1 to 5 million dollars.

The changes in legislation are just a part of the overall policy of the Australian government to tighten grip over gambling in Australia.

Government plans to restructure current market, including establishing of the prohibition on the rates during sporting events, by creating National Consumer Protection Framework (NCPF), and the crackdown on the international licensed operators.

“Today, hundreds of illegal gambling services are available to our citizens online. We know that is approximately 2.7% of total players quantity in the Internet using illegal gambling operators services, “- says the Minister of Social Services of Australia, Alan Taj.

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