No name has dared to overpower Zlatan: amazing

No name decided to show off with amazing “scissors” goal

No name  dared to overpower  Zlatan with a scissors goal

The fantastic scissors goal in style of Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been scored in the amateur championship of Denmark.

Unfortunately, there is very few information about this match. It is known it was  between two Danish amateur  teams. Nevertheless, Ibra can even envy  the goal scored there.

That’s how it was: the defender of one of the teams tried to take out a ball far away from the own gate. He kicked out it out far away from a penalty area. However the rival’s player, without thinking twice, made a phenomenal scissors kick with an absolute accuracy from a long distance.

Something similar was made once by Zlatan Ibrakhimovich, scoring a  goal  against English national team, however then the goalkeeper  Joe Hart simply was not at the goals.

The goalkeeper was on his regular place in our case, but the blow has turned out so irresistible that the goalkeeper remained powerless against this shot.

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