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Neymar Biography and Personal life

Neymar is recognized as one of tAhe most successful players of his generation in his relatively young age. He is often compared to Pelé, who in his turn declares Neymar to be the best world’s player. The football player’s name is well known to every fan all over the Europe and South America. How did the career of the Brazilian playmaker start?

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior was born on February 5, 1992 in Brazil in the family of a jewelry merchant. Rafaela, a second child, appeared in the family later.

A 7-year-old boy found himself in his first football club, Santos, in 1999. The player managed to draw the attention of many world football clubs at the very young age. Neymar made a real triumph in the youth championship. The player was invited to cooperate with such clubs as Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona, ​​Arsenal.

Real Madrid football academy

The footballer even entered Real Madrid football academy at 12, but soon returned home. There are several versions of his return. Some people confirm the boy was too young and returned to Brazil because of a longing for his parents. There is also a version that Santos paid the parents a million reals (more than $450 thousand) for the player to return to their club. He became really famous already at the age of 15, playing at the South American championship.

Start of professional career

16-year-old Neymar started his professional career and signed his first contract with his native club Santos in 2008. The contract was due until 2014. A young but successful footballer attracted interest of many clubs with his masterful play and professional technique. So they all tried to buy the player from the Brazilian Santos. Russian CSKA Moscow, Manchester United, Real Madrid became interested in Neymar. The Brazilian stayed in Santos and appeared in the first team the following year.

Top club’s transfer battles for Neymar

The footballer received his first serious award in adult competitions in 2010. Neymar became São Paulo champion. He was named later the best country’s Cup shooter with 11 goals scored. Chelsea tried to buy a successful player for €20 million. But the Brazilian decided to stay in his club and extended the contract for another five years. According to the player himself, he made a difficult decision to stay in the club. Neymar was satisfied with his career in Santos despite Chelsea’s tempting financial offer.

Various public and private conflicts with Neymar

The football player publicly opposed the club’s head coach Dorival Junior in September of the same year. The protest was due to the fact he hadn’t been allowed to convert a penalty. As a result, Neymar was fined and disqualified from the game. It seemed to the trainer such punishment was too mild. The conflict between the footballer and the coach might have continued, but Dorival was fired. However, player had to apologize publicly to his coach before that. There were other scandals in the young football player’s career. One newspaper published an article accusing Santos footballers of celebrating one of their victories with a party with prostitutes.


Neymar won the Copa Libertadores with the club. The world football clubs demostrated interest in the Brazilian again. Anji was ready to pay for the player €45 million. The club improved the Neymar’s contract after Real’s Madrid offer of €58 million. His annual salary was €6,5 million at that time. The footballer was recognized the best one in the national championship.

Barcelona bought Neymar in 2013

But still Barcelona managed to get so long-awaited player in 2013. The Brazilian annual salary was a incredible amount – €7 million. Neymar settled down in the new team very fast and demonstrated an excellent performance already in his first match for Barcelona. The footballer made his contribution to a number of club wins in the Champions League.

FIFA World Cup 2014.

Neymar was injured in the 88th minute of the quarterfinal match between the national teams of Brazil and Colombia. He received a knee blow in the back from Juan Zúñiga and left the field on a stretcher. It became known later the Brazilian player had cracked one of the spinal bones. Neymar’s trauma was not so serious to require an operation, but it would take quite a long time for him to recover. As a result, the participation in the championship 2014 was over for him.

Neymar’s personal life.

Neymar is a religious person, like most Brazilians. The footballer attends church every week. A 17-year-old girl Carolina got pregnant from the football player at the age of 19. The couple had a son, David Luca, but they split up soon.

The sportsman has dated for about two years with actress Bruna Marquezine. But when he left Brazil, the relationship was over because of the distance.