Leicester vs Newcastle

Barclays Premiere League
Benitez is new Newcastle coach. Read more on 4Gamblers

Newly-appointed Newcastles coach is not likely to steal some points

Benitez is new Newcastles coach

Newcastles coach was changed, Mclaren was dismissed, and Benitez was attracted to save the situation. We should definitely expect some raise up and excitement within the team, but it is the very club that is likely to stumble Leicester. Benitez side has a lot of injured players, and Leicester is obviously stronger right now.
The Foxes dismantled Newcastle 3:0 at the beginning of the season, and they are more likely to win their home match. They can do so but with a little more modest score. The most appropriate score for the match is 1:0, 2:0 in Leicester’s favor.

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