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Who will be a new captain of Manchester United?

New Man Utd captain after Wayne Rooney

Due to the buzz going around the Rooney persona, it is a high time to talk about the one who can potentially apply for a role of Man Utd captain. It is obvious with the Rooney leaving Manchester United loses a legend of club. This player became the top scorer of the Red devils for all history of club. He managed to improve Bobbie Charlton’s record. Thus, in this plan the Man Utd captain became the real legend of club. For the rest it is possible to argue about the legendary status as he is rather contradictory player of MU.

Wayne wanted to leave Old Trafford in 2010. He asked to open a transfer for him; however, he subsequently admitted it was its biggest mistake in the career. Nevertheless, after two years Wayne told Sir Alex Ferguson again that he wanted to leave. Everything ended up with a new contract again with the Red Devils. All good comes to an end sooner or later. Apparently, Manchester United will have to get used to playing without the one who defended their colors for 13 years.

Legendary Man Utd captain

It is possible to discuss much, but there is the only thing most likely won’t be discussed too long. We speak here about the main captain’s duties. Wayne Rooney didn’t manage to become the legendary captain of Manchester United. He was appointed by Louis Van Gal, who gave preference to the Englishman instead of the Netherlands national team leader, Robin van Persie. It turned out that the years of Rooney’s captaincy unfortunately corresponded with the recession of his playing practice. Nevertheless, he was the leader of team in a locker room. Wayne could give a practical advice to young Man Utd  football players. Upon his leaving some football players are granted with the chance to prove themselves as the team’s leaders. One of them is Ander Herrera who enjoys love and respect both from fans, and from José Mourinho. Michael Carrick is also possible for the vacant position, but his age of 35 years plays a bad trick here. It means the defender can shortly leave Old Trafford. Thus, the Michael Carrick appointment is relatively doubtful.

Candidates for the Man Utd captaincy

It is possible to offer a captain’s bandage to David de Gea if the Spanish goalkeeper remains on Old Trafford. He is one of the transfer target of Real Madrid. David isn’t afraid to manage his teammates. However, the field players usually prefer to see someone they can communicate freely. David de Gea hardly falls under this criterion. Another worthy candidate for the captain’s bandage Paul Pogba. He spent several years at Manchester United academies before leaving to Juventus. He returned to the club last season for 89.3 million pounds. From the point of view of performance, Paul Pogba is one of the best in the club today. He is 24 years old. Despite rather young age, he already has a great experience and won enough trophies.

MU fans hope for the best

Anyway, the Red Devils fans will hope for the best candidate. No matter who will be chosen by José Mourinho, Manchester United will move up to return the former glory. Nemanja Vidic who finished his career 18 months ago was the last captain who lifted up the Premier League champion’s trophy playing for MU.

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