New house of the Rashford's family for 1 million pounds. Read more on

Marcus Rashford got a new house for his family

New house of the Rashford’s family for 1 million pounds

Marcus Rashford moved his mother to a magnificent mansion for 800 thousand pounds.
A rising star of the MU Marcus Rashford provided with a confortable housing in the suburb of Manchester his mother and two brothers.
Rashford stunningly rushed into the first team of Manchester United in the second half of last season, and became one of the most promising young players of Europe. His confident performance for Red Devils, and also getting into the English national team for Euro-2016, induced bosses of club to sign a new contract with Markus with the salary increase in 5 times.

Earning 25k pounds instead of 5 in a week, first of all, Rashford began to spend money for comfort of own family.

The football player transported his mother and two brothers to a magnificent mansion in the suburb of Manchester worth 800 thousand pounds.
Markus cannot afford to purchase similar housing for now therefore the player rented the house, however there is information the young football player already started a construction of his own real estate worth 1 million pounds.

Mother and brothers of the football player will be able to watch all his matches with comfort in the living room now.
Some more details about the interior of the magnificent Rashford’s house.
Rashford’s mother, Melanie always supported his interest in sports, she even played herself with the son in football in the local park.
Before the first popularity came, Melanie promised that he wouldn’t lose the head even if will become the superstar and the real hero for Red Devils and the English national team.
The former coach of Rashford’s youthful team Fletcher Moss Rangers – Dave Horrocks confirmed at the same time unpretentious and ordinary nature of the player.
“Even if he starts to get above himself and represent himself the one whom he isn’t, his brother Dwain will lower him on the earth”, – told Horrocks.

Rashford already managed to become the hero of a duel Hull to City (1:0) in the current season, scoring a goal, victorious for the team, already in the extra time.

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