Mustafi: There is nothing more important than being a Muslim

Mustafi about his Muslim life principles

Shkodran Mustafi told about his Muslim life principles

Mustafi: There is nothing more important than being a Muslim

The debut season at the Emirates Stadium for the German national team Shkodran Mustafi started well. The Arsenal’s defender has predicted the future of Tony Adams – the legendary captain of the Gunners. However, the player is pleased with the beginning of his career in London. He doesn’t put football in the first place of his life. Mustafi considers, Islam is more important than football, and indeed than everything else in his life.

Shkodran is Albanian by the origin. There is nothing surprising that he confesses Islam and makes obligatory prayer 5 times a day. Football player remembered an episode when he was a player of Valencia, when, during a press conference, he tried to remove the bottle of «Estrella» beer that was the sponsor. Then he was rebuffed by representatives of the club, which forced the defender to communicate with the press at the table with bottle of alcohol beverage.

As for Mustafi, he lost his battle.

“I do not want people  think that I’m doing this for the sake of advertising. The bottle was left to stand still in the end, but the club apologized to me, because they understood that for me, as a Muslim, alcohol is unacceptable in all its forms. For me, being a Muslim is an essential thing. If I play bad, it’s not the end of the world, my religion is more important. I had some problems during the Euro, because the championship started right in the middle of Ramadan. I could not fast. But I knew that as an athlete, I could make few concessions. I intensively study the Koran now, as much as other religions. But Islam is much closer to me.

My religion is very important for me and it helps me and my career, “- finished Mustafi.


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